30 June 2016

WarmaHordes Mk3: All New War

So after a steady build up it's official – Mk3 Warmachine and Hordes is now available.

Along with the new £40 hardback rulebooks there are new faction starter boxes which look really good value. They also include mini rulebooks, tutorials, a game mat, tokens and all kinds of other bits and bobs.

Check out the official Mk 3 "All New War" website for info, background and hobby tips.

The rules were released for free online a few weeks ago and there has been a lot of chatter online about the changes and how the factions have faired. I have to say from what I've seen the changes seem to fulfil the aim of the new editions – not to reinvent the game but rebalance what already exists. The individual abilities and rules within each faction now seem to be more characterful and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each faction.

Have a look at the new rules yourself…

Prime Rules

Primal Rules

This is all great stuff – free rules!! – and it's made me revisit my old Cryx and Everblight projects.


Now when I say revisit, I actually mean open up some army boxes and paw over old models. I also have a host of unpainted models for both armies (inevitably) so no need to be buying anything (hahaha!!).

We will see.

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