24 August 2015

Zombicide… ToxiCity

Saturday saw our second game day in a fortnight, this time Bull was hosting and Zombicide was the game of choice. To add a twist we moved on from the original box to include the Toxic City Mall expansion.

We decided on a 'simple' 4 square mission to start with. 60 minutes it said, but we managed to burn nearly 3 hours getting through it. The zombies were coming thick and fast and many a time we were on the verge of being overwhelmed.

Eventually the dam of resistance broke and we had our first casualties. Even Ned coming back to life as a Zombivor wasn't enough to take down the horde that had emerged from the spawn points. As we edged closer to our objective, the survivors were starting to drop and returning as helpful undead. As the zombivor Wanda burst in on the Toxic Abomination, tossing him a molotov to end his days and the game, only one survivor remained in their original red-blooded state… Phil the cop was hiding in the toilets!

After a brief break we were back into the fray, on a massive board set up and lots of cars. This second game turned out to be filled with the most carnage ever, and the first time we've had a survivor get to the red experience level!

Just as the body count was reaching epic proportions, the gasoline card we'd been searching for appeared and the game ended.

Great fun – Thank you to Bull and Michael – and I almost feel motivated enough to paint up some of my own Zombicide models… almost.


  1. Seeing Phil holed up in the toilets still makes me chuckle - a fabulous day's gaming.

  2. Heh.. nice.. have the game and still have yet to play it. Need to rectify that I think! Oh and maybe paint a few of them.. maybe ;)

  3. Speaking of being motivated - I have just purchased Toxic City Mall. Had to be done!! And by the way - a lot of criminal activity can occur in a toilet - so it just had to be checked out ;-)

    1. And when the brave Deputy finished checking for any nefarious deeds, he decide to clean said toilet with a toothbrush! :D

  4. Great game, I painted my set up using a monochrome scheme for the zombies that I saw on http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.co.nz/

    It's a massive painting task to do all those zombies, and the monochrome style cuts that paint time down to virtually nothing, while having a cool "stylistic" look

    Here's what i mean http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Ql_tcCaa5KI/VCDf_dinCaI/AAAAAAAAB-E/ang0f_iMZQs/s1600/Zombicide%2BSwarm.jpg