Wednesday, 29 July 2015

More Proof Of Life… Or Rather Undead

Yes, I'm still here doing a few hobby bits now and again. Not much worthy of a blog post but last night saw the first of (hopefully) the new look Tuesday Games Night. It might have taken nearly ten years (!!) to re-establish itself but myself and Bull finally live within a half hour's drive of each other again so a regular games night is once again a possibility.

So last night saw us play a rather large game of original Zombicide… with cars. It was tense – very tense, but some cool heads kept things going and all six survivors escaped the board with the loss of only a single wound (damn those zombie extra move cards). Excellent game – my thanks to Mr Bull for hosting our first evening.

We have a couple of gaming DAYS in the calendar for August, hooking up again with Mr Awdry. One day will undoubtedly involve zombies, the other… who knows (though it won't be Age of Sigmar, that's for sure – lol).

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm very jealous as I've still to use cars! Great to hear you two have a regular session and looking forward to catching up in August. You know I will want to get the Penguin on the table ay least once. ;)

    1. I'd better put down the Outlaws and start painting policemen!

  2. Good luck with regular gaming night. :)

    1. Thank you!
      If we can keep it going it will be like the good old days :)



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