03 July 2015

Black Death Ends In 3 Days!

If Zombicide is your thing, you're no doubt aware of the new incarnation currently receiving a large amount of funding on Kickstarter. Black Death takes the standard Zombicide premise and dumps it into a fantasy setting, with a few tweaks.

I'd promised myself I wasn't going to go there after investing in Zombicide Season 3 (then selling most of it off as I'll never get around to playing it!). But love them or hate them, Cool Mini Or Not are so very good at pitching these games. They are the masters of Kickstarter, as their various funding totals will attest to.

This time around the models seem far more detailed, they've revised the console aspect and the game seems a lot smarter. They've obviously got a wealth of resources to take inspiration from for new survivors, from film and tv.

As with previous Zombicide 'seasons' there's an expansion set. For Black Death this is Wulfsburg and involves… zombie wolves, plus a stack of new survivors.

It wouldn't be a proper Zombicide kickstarter though without truck loads of strech goals that get smashed on a daily basis. As a consequence the basic content for your pledge has reached a staggering amount of stuff – probably the main reason I got involved.

Anyway you have but 3 days left to get on board, if this is your thing – delivery due for Christmas… ho, ho, ho!

1 comment:

  1. I am trying desperately to stick to just the pledge level and not be sucked into the add ons, but then there are the doors, the second box of NPCs, the deadeye zombies and of course more dice - I'm doomed!