29 July 2013

Auxiliaries Arrive…

After weeks of procrastination and downright faff, some new models appeared on the painting tray yesterday. I have added an Auxiliary spearman and a couple of bowmen to the growing number of Romans waiting for paint. These should fill the gaps in the ever-expanding secret project.

You may recall my challenge of creating some Auxiliary bowmen without wanting to spend too much or buy specific models. My solution was quite straightforward in the end. I bought a single Auxiliary spearman sprue (consisting of four models), then trawled ebay for bitz. What I ended up with was some Warhammer Empire archer arms which fitted the bill (almost) flawlessly. The scale of the arms is a tiny bit larger than the Auxiliaries, but given that I'm only using hands it wasn't such a problem.

To help disguise this minor glitch I shall probably add a bit of greenstuff to create gloves (or something similar), but I have to say they turned out rather well I think!

To be continued…


  1. I'd leave as is they look fine to me. Nice job :D

  2. The hands look fine mate, the difference in scale is hardly noticeable.

    If they were Gary Morley-esque you'd have something to worry about... ;)