03 July 2013

Celts inbound…

Not much happening on the hobby front – I've been too busy building Extra Armour onto my garden shed – aside from a bit of colour on the post-conversion Romans.

However, after our game the other weekend, Bull has been rather busy with his Celts. They're looking really mean and, now that our models are starting to develop a bit of character in our games, the next meeting between these enemies is going to be epic.

Looks like I'm going to have to step up my painting – can't have these vagabonds looking better than my legionaries!


  1. Extra armour...you hear something we didn't?

  2. Now that I've cleaned up the mess that ensued from spitting my tea at reading 'extra armour on my shed', I can say how damn fine these look, well done Bull.

  3. To explain a little…

    My wife decided, once our shed was built, that she wanted to put some bunting and solar fairy lights on the outside of it to pretty it up a little. By way of a reaction I decided to smother the inside of the shed with space blanket so it now looks like the interior of a 1970's Tardis.

    It is now warm, functional and could probably weather a nuclear winter!