09 April 2016

Do You Remember The Castle?

Tabletop Workshop's plastic castle

You may remember about 18 months ago I was waxing lyrical about a new range of plastic scenery that I'd recently 'discovered'. Tabletop Workshop created a series of kits that were perfect for my Medieval gaming. Alas not long after I'd invested some birthday money in their rather fantastic plastic castle kit the website disappeared and their Facebook page fell silent.

I never did get around to building much after the blog posts about it, but it's always been in the back of my mind as a project waiting in the wings. I think many people were rather sad that such an innovative company with a great product range should have fallen by the wayside.

Only last week, whilst tidying up the spare room I found the castle box and it reminded me I have a very exciting project in store.

Warlord Games' new Citadel

However, lo and behold this morning I discover that Warlord Games are releasing their new Citadel model… a model that looks remarkably, exactly the same as the Tabletop Workshop Castle!

They're also telling us that separate walls, towers and gatehouses will become available very soon.

Could this be time to resurrect my castle project? Is the gatehouse they're talking about is the famed gatehouse that TW were developing right before they disappeared?

Needless to say, Warlord haven't mentioned TW at all giving the impression it's their doing. Regardless, if it means that this kit becomes available again then I'm all for it!


  1. As soon as I saw this on my newsfeed I thought of you! It is exactly the same isn't it? At a £190 it is comparable to the new Render tower and walls too. https://www.facebook.com/renedralimited

    1. The image on the Warlord pre-order page (used above) is very misleading. You only get three wall sections in the 190 kit, but the image has two wall sections on the left and right sides, so what you get is a fair bit shorter!

    2. Glad I bought it for £100 two years ago!

  2. I wonder if TW's pricing was perhaps too low for them to make a profit given the likely volume of sales?

    It's actually £175 for UK buyers - the £190 is for shipping outside of UK. Still pretty steep.

    1. I always thought £100 felt right for what is essentially a small castle. Having said that you do get a lot of plastic for your money – maybe £200 is the way to go!?!

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely – would love to get my castle built and painted up!