13 April 2016

How To Design A Faction Logo

I thought I'd post this graphic (below) as a visual reference to show part of the behind the scenes process involved in developing a faction logo for games (or anything really). In this case the logo in question is for the Nanomei faction from Anvil Eight's board game Aetherium.

We went through a similar process many times during the creation of the original Aetherium game box. It's easy to come up with something quickly, but if time is spent and thought given to a logo like this you can develop something far better than your initial sketches might suggest.


  1. I do love it when something special evolves out of an original idea - fabulous stuff Mike.

    1. Cheers Michael. Designing logos is an interesting adventure to go on!

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing the creation progress!

  3. Love your style and talent. Big thanks for sharing :)

  4. Always great to see this kind of stuff! Brilliant mate!