Monday, 23 March 2015

Painting Mojo

You guys have seen how much I've struggled getting back into painting, due to lack of practice and lack of time. My own perfectionist tendencies have also got in the way, ensuring I've not been happy with anything other than my best results.

Yesterday we had Bull and his lovely wife over for lunch and managed to get a bit of hobby chat in. It was enough to get me motivated to spend some time in the evening painting, on this occasion I took my time more and enjoyed it by not putting any pressure on myself.

I still managed to faff around with Batman's cloak and cowl without great results, but the work done on his body suit is getting things back to where they should be. Still need to blend some layers but things are looking up.

Better than that, my motivation is back after a short hiatus. Just in time too, as there is a new player in town – not only will Batman have to contend with Bull's Joker crew, he now has to deal with the emergence of Michael's Penguin.


  1. Good job sir - he is looking very dramatic. Thanks for yesterday. Sorry if I made a bit of a pig of myself. My wife was counting and I went back for more of the fab spuds 4 times. Well I did love them :-)

    1. You're most welcome… and Erika took it as a compliment that you went back for seconds ;)

  2. Off to a good start. Kudos. :)



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