26 November 2014

TW Plastic Castle – Wall Gate

So, having already looked at the Tower and Fortified Wall kits, we come to the last piece of the TW Castle puzzle – the Wall Gate. I was very much looking forward to seeing this!

The box contains four sprues of two different designs and another instruction sheet. I was very keen on not messing this one up so read the sheet carefully before I started.

The kit follows a similar theme to the Fortified Wall. The ground floor is a little different as when complete it's made up of two pieces with the doors attached.

I did make a mistake here and stuck the end pieces (that the doors clip into) the wrong way around. It's not very clear on the sheet which way round these go but if you remember that the doors go at the flared wall side (rather than the flat inner wall side) you will be fine.

You may find TW's Wall Gate video of help.

The first floor is not dissimilar to the wall – except you have an arch piece that goes in the middle. All pretty straightforward it has to be said. The top of the Wall Gate is identical to the Wall crenulated piece so you've got no excuses for getting that wrong.

When stacked together they look pretty amazing. The one thing to note is that the ground floor (as it's made up of two pieces) was rather loose, so the gate will only be at its best when part of a combined kit. You can't really game on the interior as there isn't enough space, but it's not missed.

The models look very cool when next to the completed kit, and I cannot wait for TW to complete their gatehouse kit.

Both this kit and the Wall kit have connector pieces that allow you to slide walls/gates together, and I couldn't help but give them a try before I packed up for the evening.

The only thing left is to put the whole castle together…!!

To be continued…


  1. I guessing by this stage that your castle building exploits have been discovered or are you dismantling every evening? It does look really good Mike, any thoughts how you are going to paint it?

    1. Everything is being glued together as I go, but has to go away into the garage almost as soon as the last photo is taken – though it does has its own spot on my shelving.
      Alas painting is a distant dream at the moment, but I do intend to finish building the remaining towers and walls and get some nice pics of the whole thing together.