13 October 2014

Nurgle Price Nonsense…

I had heard rumours for a few weeks now about a whole set of Nurgle releases as part of the Warhammer "End Times".

Plastic Nurgle models – how perfect!

Always on the lookout for new additions to either the 40k Death Guard or Blood Bowl Nurgle team, when I finally got to see the above photo of the Scions of the Last Plague I thought wayhay, fantastic!!

Then I saw the price tag…

I'm sorry but I find £83 for 11 plastic models extortionate in the extreme. The models are nice but not £83 worth of nice. I appreciate that they're Ogre sized too but even so, the Ogre battalion box set contains 16 models for £65, the extra £20 cannot be justified to me.

So, I'll save my money, thank you very much, and put it towards a plastic castle instead ;)


  1. That's actually pretty interesting...most of the net was clamoring about how good of a deal these were! In the states were are paying 55 USD, (44 shipped on ebay). I paid way more for three mega nobz! (And these are the same sized models).

    1. Same here, with all the bitz you get £33.50 isn't to bad considering 3 ogrins are £28. I think since nagash the prices have been brought under control a bit, as Orks was dropping £28 for a 50 point gun on our laps thinks seem to have calmed down.
      With two demon princes (or convertible models) for £36, a models as large and complex as nagash cheaper than a wraith knight, a whole unit of spirits for £16 the end times pricing is much better than the usual and with no saving (33.50 + 33.50 +16) on the bundle there is no good reason to shell out in one go for that over picking up a box of dudes and if you need to get more, get them later.

      I guess it's not cheap But it's definitely a step in the right direction.

  2. Everyone has their own line. Not sure if these are worse in price than the 30 dollars space marine captain and 50 dollar 5 sternguard models. My line was past a few years ago with 75 dollar rule books, 100+ dollar starters and 50+ dollar codexes.

  3. Ouch, that does seem rather steep, but then who I am to judge given how much I ended up pleading on the Studio Miniatures kickstarter.

  4. Aye, this is pretty much how they priced themselves out of my range a couple of years ago.

    1. What type of models do you purchase?

      I remember about a year ago, when everyone was ranting about GW prices, I went to a hobby shop, and couldn't believe how expensive things were. I tried looking into 3rd parties, and everything from puppetswar, to maximini, to kromolech, to scribor all carry large price premiums.

      I'd love to know where people are getting these cheaper models from. Even alternate game systems such as malifaux and kingdom death have pricey models. Am I missing some source of plastic kits that I'm just not aware of? Heck even buying a WW2 plane costs as much as a razorwing kit :(.

    2. For Blood Bowl stuff, I look to Impact Miniatures. Not all of their sculpts are to my liking but some of them a quite nice.

      Some of GW stuff is not unreasonable. The razorwing fighter you talk about seems down right reasonable compared to the Ravenwing Dark Talon. The prices often seem pretty random. I do not think there is any company charging 30 dollars for monopose injected molded plastic single human sized 28 mm mini.

      Mantic stuff is very hit or miss. Reaper still has nice metal figures at a 7 or 8 dollar price point plus some of the Bones are great but that is a case by case basis for retail purchases. Bolt Action does not seem to badly priced. Certainly not bargain level but definitely noticably less than GW.

      X-Wing stuff is really expensive but is painted and loaded with cards and tokens and such. In 40K the hard cover rulebook, space marine codex, and space marine strike force come out to 368 dollars. In X-wing, you can get the starter, 2 of the middle ships, and 6 of the little ships for 190 which for the Rebels gives you enough stuff for 2 complete lists with extras which is not going to be the case for spending almost twice as much on GW.

  5. I'm sorry but $55 US is still ridiculously priced to me. To my mind the GW racket is still in full swing.

  6. I'm finding this very interesting – people's perception of reasonably priced – let's quickly compare…

    For £80 you can get a starter Bolt Action US army consisting of 57 plastic/metal infantry, 2 crewed artillery pieces and 2 vehicles, direct from Warlord Games.

    For £80.08 you can get all three Guild starter boxes for Malifaux, consisting of 18 plastic models and game cards, from Firestorm Games.

    For £82.44 you can get a plastic Warmachine Cryx start box set, metal Epic Deneghra, a second plastic Helljack and 10 metal Bile Thralls (17 models in total), from Firestorm again.

    Or, for £88 you can get 176 plastic Vikings from Gripping Beast!!

  7. GWs pricing problem really comes down to the idea that they think there demand is inelastic. "Make Nice models and you will sell about the same number at 55 dollars or 45 dollars." This is true in the microeconomic sense. There are only so many people collecting parts for a chaos army at a time. But the macroeconomic sense says that the the number of people collecting the chaos army at a time will depend on the overall pricing level. It is more of a delayed effect as people do not start new armies or new players do not come in. That is why the price increases improved the bottom line the first two years but now the company is being held back. A more modest price increase combined with their staffing cuts would have been better long term than there aggressive repeated increases.