13 November 2010

On The Workbench

So now that my Multi-melta Templar is close to the paint stage I'm already thinking about the next couple of models. I have a huge backlog of things bought for the army 5/6 years ago that are jostling for attention. However, I have a couple of character models waiting patiently in line.

The figure above is the limited edition Black Templar Captain Draco figure which I picked up off ebay a long time ago and has been based and stripped of his icons for quite some time. He will become my Brother Captain Torgiir model, and will be a Sicarius stand-in. As well as a weapon swap, I have to file down the ridges on his shoulder pads, sculpt a suitably heroic DT symbol and personal heraldry to said shoulder pads and give him a sweeping cloak. This will be a big test and I can see frustrating times ahead as my green stuff skills don't match my vision, haha.

Before I get stuck into that mammoth task I shall complete my first Dark Templar Chaplain. At present he has no name, but is already taking shape. In true DT tradition he has no aquillas on his armour, so he wields a mace rather than the usual crozius (same outcome in gaming terms). I shall be borrowing ideas from Ron's skull helmet tutorial for his head, or I may try to emulate the LotD skull beaky helmet – I haven't decided yet. He already has his DT symbol on his shoulder (albeit largely covered by the parchment) – his other shoulder will be a massive skull which I'm looking forward to sculpting.

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