Monday, 20 April 2015

Salute 2015 Incoming…

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. Salute 2015 is almost upon us – less than a week to go!

This is the time of year that I get excited about my one big geek day out, about how I'm going to get back into Warmachine/Hordes again because I love the game so much, and rhyme off a shopping list of models that will be purchased then sit in a box or cupboard for the foreseeable future.

So what's on this year's agenda for me?

Not much to be honest. A few months ago I wasn't even sure I would be going to Salute this year, but the load has lightened enough for me to partake in my annual pilgrimage to the exhibition industry's capital and mingle once more with the great unwashed.

Hobby time has been non-existent for months and only now am I grabbing an hour here and there to keep things bubbling along. The game of choice at the moment is Batman, so you would expect some related purchases. After our opening game of BMG I'm definitely in need of some back up – I have had some reinforcements arrive this week so we will see if anything else ends up in the shopping bag!

The one thing that could appear in the car going home is more Sarissa Precision mdf terrain to game on. After being an mdf sceptic for so long I have now become something of a convert after my recent SP experiences, so will be on the look out to add to the collection.

I still have one eye on Bolt Action. I'm loving the idea of having some WW2 stuff in my collection and this would probably be my preferred route. I have the rulebook already so the next step would be to pick up one of the starter sets. I doubt it will happen due to limited spends this year, but you never know.

After my discussions with Mike Thorp about his Twilight rulebook late last year, I did promise I would swing by and say hello. It will be good to have another look at this game up close, although purchases are unlikely.

Blood Bowl is still on my radar and I would be quite keen on a game or two. We have struggled to match the sheer excitement and drama caused by last year's mini starter league. No new purchases likely for this unless I see a stunning set of dice I don't own.

X-Wing is a game that I have invested heavily in and not played much. There is an outside chance of a purchase here if I can find some B-Wings but aside from that I'm happy with what I've got.

The release of Armada and Imperial Assault have been very testing but I've managed to abstain. There is the vague possibility of a purchase here but I think common sense may prevail.

Zombicide is another game I have invested heavily in and not played nearly enough. I has a sic amount of stuff arrive a couple of weeks ago from their last Kickstarter so new purchases not likely… ever!

I think there could be some money spent when it comes to paints/brushes/accessories. I'm slowly swapping out my GW paints for Vallejo and Army Painter, plus adding some of their textures, etc. to improve the painting experience and results. I also want to find some brushes that I'm happy with. The ones I've got at the moment are ok, but I would dearly love some top drawer brushes to paint with. The likely outcome here is a spray can and a handful of bottles though.

Then finally we come to full circle to Privateer Press. I hadn't looked at a WMH model since we moved house nearly a year ago, but when I do or see photos on old blog posts I do think I need to get stuck in again. I love that game.

I happened to use my WMH case to take my Batman gear to Bull's the other week and it got me fired up a bit seeing my models again. Could this be the year I paint something new?

I have several models unpainted (or still in blisters) for both Cryx and Everblight. I also have an unpainted Khador starter set which will need to go on ebay, but there is still the chance of a random model or book purchase. This is my gaming achilles heel when it comes to spending money, so don't be surprised if something sneaks home with me from Salute.

Hope to see some of you and have a catch up!


  1. A visit with 'intent'. Looks like you will be needing a small wheel barrow ;-)

    1. I have the same intent every year lol.
      I don't think it'll be quite to wheel barrow levels (given the recent online spending) but it will be a giggle!

  2. "and mingle once more with the great unwashed" Now, now - that's no way to talk about your fellow bloggers. Even if it's true for some of them ;)

    Hope to see you on Saturday Mike - don't forget the 1pm bloggers meet up :)

    1. Haha – I include myself in that statement… an hour of walking round Excel and the sweat is pouring!

      See you there!

  3. Swapping out your GW paints is a good move I did that some years ago and never looked back. Get the Vallejo black wash you'll love it! I predict you'll end up with some Perry Bros bolt action figures.

    1. I definitely prefer paints in the Vallejo style bottles – much less waste. I shall investigate the black wash… I love a good wash ;)

  4. I hope you have an enjoyable Salute experience. :)

    On the paints front, I have swapped to Vallejo for the most part, but I am not fan of their washes. Luckily I still have a surplus of Devlan Mud and Badab Black to keep me going, supplemented by dregs of that era GW washes, AP tones and Secret Weapon washes.

    1. I have loads of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil to get through yet but I'm very keen on trying new products these days.

  5. We are very impressed with the Rosemary and co. brushes.
    We bought some of the Kolinsky sable, blended and synthetic brushes and so far my brother (the painter) has only used one, a synthetic brush and adores it, finding it much better than the GW and Revell brushes he had been using - and that is the cheap one, goodness knows what he will think of the better ones.

  6. Have a blast mate!

    I won't be making it this year. :(

    1. Gutted you won't be there Andy, we're overdue a catch up!



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