Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dark Days and Killer Bots

I'll be honest, these spambots are killing me. I'm getting so many now that it's pretty much destroyed any chance of me following how many legitimate visits the blog is getting. It's also skewing my 'favourite posts' list as they hit the same blog posts many times, forcing them into the top 10. Needless to say my enthusiasm has taken a hit too as a consequence!

May is turning out to be a lean month for blog posts from me, in spite of killer bots. It's not that hobby things aren't being done… I just can't talk about them. Secrets within secrets.

In addition, we're having some major work done on the house over the summer and I'm in the process of emptying the garage. This has provided the perfect opportunity to assess each box, bag, blister, sprue and case in my collection and decide whether it really is worth hanging on to or whether the space would be better used for something else (new).

Needless to say, I'm offloading a load of stuff on ebay over the next few weeks. This cull is so brutal that even my large Iron Warriors collection came within a whisker of finding itself for sale… but I just couldn't do it. As much as I have no interest in 40k right now (I don't see how I ever will again), there's too much history associated with some of those models.

Some of my Zombicide kickstarter stuff is already gone and there will be a heap of 40k, Malifaux and random bits going up this weekend. It sounds drastic, but I haven't looked at this gear for years so would rather recycle and use the cash for new shiny things.

The models that have managed to stay are getting new storage cases/boxes so that everything will be snug and well protected. I've found too many casualties already and don't want a repeat.

So what does this mean for the blog?

Not a lot really. I'm hoping that I can reveal some major secret stuff very soon. The latter half of June should see a more regular gaming night so hopefully there should be more game reports and characterful posting like our Blood Bowl spell a year ago.

In the mean time I'm teaching Jnr the power of the Dark Side…

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Building the Backlog…

As part of the new baby-centric regime in our house, Tuesday is now 'model night'. It gives me a couple of hours in the week (almost guaranteed) to spend time building and painting my way through the backlog of metal and plastic.

As you can see from the image above, last night saw a random selection of miniatures from different gaming systems, and it was great to finally get things put together.

First on the list was Guildball. I had started these during last week's model night, but ran out of glue! I have to say I was rather disappointed with these models, for a number of reasons – primarily, they were hard work. Don't get me wrong the models are beautiful, however there are some very delicate parts and all 3 have staff/spear weapons that nearly snapped on several occasions and bend very, very easily. Secondly, my batch were covered in flash and exaggerated mould lines – took a long time to get them looking reasonable.

In addition a couple of the arms didn't fit well in their respective sockets so, whilst I expected some pinning, I will have to go back in and do some filling, which hasn't been the case in a long time. Finally on my list of gripes, the tabs. On all three models, the tab that slots into the base sits higher than the top of the base, so will need cutting away. Maybe I've just got used to clipping off tabs and pinning to resin bases. This time I thought I would be quick and simply stick them into their slotta bases – turned out to be more hard work!

As a consequence I'm not feeling terribly enthusiastic about Guildball right now, but hopefully a Tuesday evening painting these models will cure all that!

After that I decided to pamper myself with some plastic. I still had two Malifaux crew boxes sitting on the shelf, so jumped in head first. I started with the Sonnia Criid crew and three of the easiest models ever – one-piece Witchlings! The detail is great on these and not having arms/legs/weapons to stick on was a bonus.

The new Malifaux plastic resculpts are a lot thinner than the metals were and it was only when I started on Sonnia that I realised how thin – thank god this wasn't metal! The plastic glue made things very easy, despite the fiddly bits and the whole crew took no time at all. I didn't like Sonnia's separate face!

Desperate to build something a little more chunky I started on the Kirai crew – Seishin. These guys are much bigger than the old metal Seishin but similar in looks. Went together very easily.

Not satisfied with that I moved onto the new-look Ikiryo – one of the chunkiest plastic models I've seen. Much bigger than the metal version – in fact, more like the avatar – but great looking model which will be fun to paint.

Let's see what happens next Tuesday on model night!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Salute Loot

Bit of a delay to this post due to a rather hectic week.

As you can see above it was a very restrained shopping trip this year. In fact none of the things on my list made it into the shopping bag!

The Mortician's starter set for Guild Ball I've already spoken about in my last post. Nothing to add about that.

Just like last year, everything else ended up being for my Normans vs Outlaws project, which I haven't looked at in a while.

I picked up a couple of miniatures from the Otherworld stand. The cleric and squire are cracking models and are so characterful they have roles to fill in-game for sure. However, I did think the squire was holding a helmet at the time, it turns out it's a box of some description. Ah well.

The rest of my loot came from Foundry. The Jolly Monks were an impulse buy – they're hilarious and beg for a scenario to be written around them.

The other buys were Norman crossbowmen and Dismounted Knights. These have a lot more character than the models I have so had been singled out as potentials before the day.

…and that was it. No massive purchases this year, and there is a reason for that which may (or may not) be revealed over the summer months.