Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Return Of 40k In 40 Minutes

Since the last post it's been 40k that's been on my mind. Never thought I'd see the day but there we are. However, I have no intention of getting stuck in again, but a little dabble here and there wouldn't go amiss – after all I have a cupboard full of GW plastics!

It was by pure accident that I came across a solution – 40k in 40 minutes!

Way back at what seems like the dawn of time this article, written by a guy running a school club with limited time, proposed some additional guidelines for playing small games of 40k. There are several sources on the net that have 'converted' the rules for 7th Edition but I'm not interested in that.

I want to go full retro.

So, with that in mind, I'm putting together a list or two using older codexes ready for 4th Edition 40k.
It'll be just like the old days – lots of theory crafting!

I have a lot of troops to choose from – more Chaos than I can count – but I also have plenty of stuff on sprues and in boxes so could, theoretically, build a new army (lol).

I guess we'll see which way this goes very soon!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Trials and Transitions

I'll be honest – I'm just not feeling it right now (the hobby that is).

I can't put my finger on what it was but I think spending several months analysing rulesets in great depth, in order that I could conjure up my own unique game, wiped my brain.

I have of course been 'distracted' by my new day job over the last couple of month. Taking on the role of a UI Web Designer has not been without its (good) challenges and I've had to commit my brain completely. Then, add to that equation the fact that I've struggled going back to work full-time after having nearly four months off to look after our baby boy – family time has become very precious right now.

So that's where I've been. What next?

Well, I am now the proud owner of a games cupboard. Yes, we have had an en-suite bathroom in our guest room converted into a very large cupboard and office space. This is a double win. Not only do I now have a dedicated space for the bulk of my gaming gear, I also get to use the office space as a painting area (though I will have to tiny my paints away out of sight after each session… into my gaming cupboard).

Now all I need is the inspiration to get back into the painting chair!

I still have a host of Guildball models to paint. Still love the idea of Guildball but it's not enough to get me painting just yet.

The release of Mk3 WarmaHordes got my interest piqued and I even had a look through my Everblight model collection. This could stir me into action at some point, but not yet.

I really want to paint some more models for my Project Hood game – I have plenty and always looking out for more. However, the rules have hit a bump in the road so my enthusiasm to paint models for it has waned.

I've been playing Blood Bowl on the iPad a lot recently, which got me excited about the board game again… for a while. Not enough to get me painting though.

So what is going to do it?

Well it turns out that one of my new bosses at work has recently got back into wargaming, after playing 40k as a kid. He dipped his toe back in with a game of Lord of the Rings, with the intention of getting back into 40k long term.

As much as I dislike the current 40k rules with a passion (unbalanced, clunky, stale and too bloody expensive to play all round), it did get me looking at the GW website again after a long break. I've always been a marine fan so the recent plastic heresy releases caught my interest.

Am I ready to commit myself to the GW gods again? Dunno.
Is there a way to play 40k using more interesting skirmish-level Warmachine, Malifaux or Guildball-type rules? Now there's a project!

What has really caught my interest is Lord of the Rings. GW are in the process of re-releasing it and some of the plastic kits are reasonably priced. I always wanted to get into this way back when, and having read the original Fellowship rulebook through cover to cover several times I quite like aspects of the rules.

Regardless of what direction I go, I think August will be when things start to happen. We having a gaming day booked with Mr Awdry at the beginning of the month and if his hobby exploits don't inspire then nothing will!!