Sunday, 3 May 2015

Salute Loot

Bit of a delay to this post due to a rather hectic week.

As you can see above it was a very restrained shopping trip this year. In fact none of the things on my list made it into the shopping bag!

The Mortician's starter set for Guild Ball I've already spoken about in my last post. Nothing to add about that.

Just like last year, everything else ended up being for my Normans vs Outlaws project, which I haven't looked at in a while.

I picked up a couple of miniatures from the Otherworld stand. The cleric and squire are cracking models and are so characterful they have roles to fill in-game for sure. However, I did think the squire was holding a helmet at the time, it turns out it's a box of some description. Ah well.

The rest of my loot came from Foundry. The Jolly Monks were an impulse buy – they're hilarious and beg for a scenario to be written around them.

The other buys were Norman crossbowmen and Dismounted Knights. These have a lot more character than the models I have so had been singled out as potentials before the day.

…and that was it. No massive purchases this year, and there is a reason for that which may (or may not) be revealed over the summer months.


  1. Not a lot,but some interesting purchases!!!

  2. Very restrained I salute(?) you. No Batman I see.

    1. No Batman. I've invested enough in that one so far – it needs to prove it's a goer before I buy any more.

  3. Very nice. Love the Otherworld figs!

    1. They do make some very nice figures, that's for sure.

  4. The Monks are cool. You will fun painting them up.



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