10 August 2015

Batman vs The Penguin

Batman pulled up on a deserted street, littered with barricades, boxes and traffic lights(?). There was something decidedly fishy going on here and it wasn't the Gotham Zoo.

He worked his way down the street, taking out lamp posts as he went (in order to keep things dark), ably supported by Gotham's finest albeit hanging back quite a bit.

He spotted a henchman trying to move a rather large, heavy safe across the street. Time to step in – out came the Batarang, clocking the henchman on the head. But there was a sniper on the roof that also needed dealing with.

The Gotham Police found themselves in trouble when Mr Scythe made an appearance – Agent Ron taking the worst of it.

Meanwhile Batman went after the sniper (who hadn't actually managed to hit anything) but his fighting skills were left wanting and the henchman was given a reprieve.

Meanwhile the Penguin's crew were racking up victory points with the 'safe' loot counter that was slowly making its way across the table.

Batman stepped in to put an end to that but time had run out. Despite Bravo taking out the sniper, the Penguin had accumulated enough VPs to sneak a win.

Mr Cobblepot claimed it was a hollow victory but there was a definite smile on his face ;)

Great game, albeit slow and full of mistakes. We had a lot of fun (re)learning the rules and things ebbed and flowed throughout. The final turn was on an absolute knife edge.

There might be something to this game after all…


  1. Brilliant! Perhaps you should have mentioned the curtailed second game where the Batman had amassed an unassailable about on victory points by the end of turn 3! A hugely enjoyable day, thank you.

  2. That table looks superb - it will look even more so once all that MDF is painted.

    As for that last photo, Lord Michael - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SseqNp7n5FU

    Congrats to Lord M on the win, commiserations to DT on the loss

  3. Good to see the game in action. One feels compelled to mention the last picture but wonders what words could do It justice. "Yikes!" perhaps!

  4. Sounds like it was a blast. The table is top notch. Must have been great to play on. Love the top hat!!

  5. The terrain and especially the little cemetery look amazing!
    Also, nice report!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time. Well done, chaps!

  7. It is just great that the two of you have hit it off so well. It's been fun watching as the figures got painted up, but seeing the game played is even better!