Saturday, 8 August 2015

Scotney Castle

Today's post was meant to be about the Batman model painting progress… but there hasn't been any. After a cracking start to the week, my last three evening have been tied up and nothing more has been achieved. It's looking very monotone for tomorrow's game.

Instead I thought I'd show you Scotney Castle (or rather fortified manor house) near Lamberhurst in Kent. Another National Trust property (got get some use out of the membership before it runs out!), this one (the Old Castle – we didn't go round the new Manor House) was built around 1378.

The gardens were amazing and we saw quite a few people just sitting quietly and reading. We ended up spending all afternoon there and would definitely go back – highly recommended.

Batman game tomorrow so stay tuned for some reports!


  1. Scottney is a very picturesque fortified house. I have only been twice but have enjoyed it.

  2. One of our favourites, a beautiful place.

  3. I like the half overgrown look of the place. Thank you for the pictures!



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