Monday, 12 November 2012

Malifaux Intro Evening

Friday last week was the arranged "Intro to Malifaux" evening with Chris. As expected he'd done his homework and read the Rules Manual cover to cover and felt pretty confident he understood the basics. Of course physically walking through the basics in a game adds a whole other dimension to understanding the rules, and so it was the case here.

In our opening game we had our two masters – Lady J and Seamus – stalking each other through the empty streets. Chris was understandably cautious in his approach; I too was less than bold given the stats of Seamus' hand cannon. An extended game of cat and mouse ensued.

Seamus finally got his shot lined up through a window frame (above). Alas Lady J had built up a good control hand and the resulting shot only managed a few wounds. Despite moving out of sight behind the wall next to the window, Seamus was hit by a Lady J charge (who doesn't need line of sight because she's blind) and got whittled into a heap in two rounds of combat.

For our second game of the evening we added a couple of minions to our respective crews – Death Marshalls for Lady J and Rotten Belles for the Irish man. Chris managed the moment of the game with the very first move of the game, 'Lure'-ing a Death Marshall off a first floor landing who fell to his death. In the end it came down to the two masters – this time Lady J was unable to finish off her nemesis before the end of the turn. A draw.

Chris went away quite buoyed by his first foray into wargaming. His theoretical knowledge of the rules prior to playing now had context and he was confident he knew what he was doing. We do have another evening pencilled in – the night before my big 40k battle with Bull's Dark Angels – and this time I think we'll introduce Strategies and Schemes… and a few more models!


  1. Sounds like a good night out; looking forward to more.

    1. It's going to be an interesting escalation as Chris gets his head around some of the intricate character combinations.

  2. Actually playing is what we're about....most of the time!

    1. It does make a big difference, rolling dice – or in this case flipping cards – and it feeds the addiction!



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