Tuesday, 13 November 2012

40k: Let The Galaxy Rot…

"Death is coming to feast on your Imperial souls" roared Terminus as he glared through the viewport at the planet Cherbull below.

He imagined all the Imperial 'ants' scurrying around on the planet's surface trying desperately to prepare for the incoming atrocities.

There would be no sneaking around this time, they would be confronted by a wall of impenetrable rot and disease that would slowly consume… everything.


With just over ten days to go until Bull's Dark Angels face off against my Plague Marines things are seeing a lot of paint time, but it's "slow and purposeful" like much of the army. A lot of time is being spent advancing the state of a couple of key models, which for the moment will remain a mystery – don't want to give my game plan away just yet.

This will not stay a secret for long the first post due on Monday!

Elsewhere things are progressing slowly. The Forgefiend has seen some more rot appear and is starting to look the part of a Nurgle daemon engine. This is a very time consuming process but I'm hoping to have at least basecoat and wash layers done in time for the battle.

The rest of the core Plague Marines are starting to see some colour too. One squad has at least a basecoat layer and I'm hoping to get these virtually finished for the big day. The other squad still needs greenstuff rot applying so is unlikely to move on much from what you see here.

The Terminators are coming along nicely. If I can get their rotting armour complete in time I will be happy. I can return to finish the weapons later.

You will notice that for the purposes of strategic intelligence I have obscured key weapons in the image… or is this just a red herring?



  1. HA! Love the last image. It shows the models, but doesnt at the same time.. great stuff! Loving the direction your taking on the forgefiend. Will be attempting to get my hands on one of those in the future.. looks like a lot of fun to paint up!

    1. Having slated it in an earlier blog post I have to say I'm quite attached to it. Having great fun with the greenstuff and can't wait to get stuck in with the paints!

  2. It all smells a bit fishy to me.... ;-)

    But on the up side the army is coming along really well.

    1. Maybe, maybe not.
      You have to sow a little confusion, propoganda and mis-information amongst the enemy troops ;)

  3. Loving the forgefiend, what a model.

    1. Absolutely – thinking I might need a second one ;)

  4. These are looking great and I love the idea that they a packing a surprise!

  5. Replies
    1. Having faced your diseased troops in battle I have no doubt you can appreciate the contagion spilling from this blog in recent weeks ;)



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