12 August 2016

Black Plague: The Dream Team – part 3

Now the (obvious) initial members of my Dream Team have been chosen, we're on to number three. Xena and Merlin have filled the main melee and magic combat roles respectively, time to look at ranged combat options.

This slot in the team was quite contentious as (by my reckoning) there were three good candidates. The original Black Plague box comes with Silas. He gets a bonus to his ranged dice rolls from the off and can pick up a free ranged attack later on. He's a solid choice without being outstanding.

Bull brought Genevieve to our game day and she had a great time. Starting the game with +1 ranged damage meant that she was a Fatty killer early on. She got an extra ranged dice after levelling up a couple of times and was very effective, especially once she got hold of the Orcish Crossbow.

It was only when I went trawling through the collection of Kickstarter character cards that I discovered Cadence (from the Marc Simonetti box set) and she quickly became my ranged choice for the Dream Team.

So what makes her so special?

One thing stood out here, making her a unique member of the team – Marksman. She has the ability to ignore the usual targeting priority and choose her target in a given zone… from the start of the game!

That means that when it comes to taking out Necromancers – from distance – she's the man.

Throw into the mix here that she can add a Longbow (sniper rifle) to her third body slot and add some extra arrow in her backpack and an extra range dice once at orange level and you have the assets of a true sniper – if you manage to get a second Longbow even better. Multiple ranged shots (no reloads required thanks Genevieve) up to 3 zones away and the ability to pick out a Necromancer in crowd means that losing a game thanks to 6 spawn points being on the table is much less likely. Not having to commit key characters to march in the opposite direction to the exit in order to achieve this is simply awesome.

So, wow, we're half way to completing my Zombicide: Black Plague Dream Team. Where do we go from here?


  1. Oh great spot on the Marksman skill, that is definitely a game changer! In honour of her success Genivieve is still on the painting table and had a little practice session on the boards earlier in the week. She still performs well and of course the crossbow doesn't need to be reloaded (just the Hand Crossbow and Orcish Crossbow as far as I can see), meaning she can still have multiple rolls at taking down an Abomination.

  2. You'll just HAVE to get the paints out ;-)

    1. The paints were out this weekend. Unfortunately it was emulsion paint as I was decorating!