08 October 2012

Nurgle's Rot Takes Hold…

There hasn't been a lot of progress since returning from holiday. This has been mainly due to having a fair amount of visitors… and the new WoW expansion of course.

The arrival of the new Chaos codex at the weekend was a breath of fresh air. Not only did I order a physical copy I also downloaded the digital version too. Now, whilst on holiday I bought a digital copy of the latest White Dwarf and found it quite good. Unfortunately this did not translate quite so well to the full-blown codex. The new book can be quite confusing anyway and takes a while to acclimatise to the layout and page order. Because of the smaller viewing area available on the iPad the digital version is even more confusing and involves lots of clicking to get to the info you're looking for. It's kind of like a Chaos mini-website. When the post arrived and I got to see the physical book things got easier and my digital experience was improved, now that I know where to look for info.

Anyway, I managed to put a couple of sample lists together for my Dark Vengeance Plague Marines which was fun. A game or two of 40k are certainly on the cards – I'm very happy with the new codex. I am reluctant to buy any new models at the moment but a Forgefiend looks like a necessity (I did receive some GW vouchers for my birthday – thank you Chris and Jen – so this will help tremendously).

There hasn't been any more painting. The colour was added to the Hellbrute (above) before I went away and he's been sitting patiently for a while now.

I spent yesterday evening building the models I needed for my two Plague Marine units. I had all the bits lying around so it was just a case of sticking them together.

At least now I can see the scope of the painting required and can set a timetable accordingly. It also means that I could, in an extreme case, have a game with the unpainted models in order to learn the new rules.

In the week I had taken my Nurgle Terminators off their resin bases and stuck them to plastic bases. They need a bit of greenstuff to make them more Nurgly and pennies in the bases but pretty much good to go.

Having read the new codex and learned that all Chaos Champions HAVE to challenge and accept challenges, the Power Fist on my Termie Champ didn't seem so clever. I hacked the dual Lightning Claws off one of the Dark Vengenace Chosen and added them. Some greenstuff to hide the gaps and infect the claws and he will be ready for his new paint job.

The Dark Vengeance Lord gets Nurgled next…


  1. Looking good. Haven't seen the new rules for Chaos yet, but from the blogs it is looking to be a force to be reckoned with.. Really like the nurgle scheme you have taken on btw.. really fits them a lot!

    1. As someone who really disliked the last Chaos Codex I have to say that the new book is great. Yet to see how some of these models and stats translate to the battlefield but my enthusiasm has been reborn.

      I need to get some more stuff painted then we'll get a better view of the overall effect but happy so far.

  2. One thing I plan to do to deal with the challenge issue is to include throwaway captains in units with IC's, and to include an unweildy weapon with my champion at the back, more than 6" from the front of the unit. They can't challenge you if you aren't in the combat! Then your guy piles in and wrecks face.

    1. This sounds like a great tactic for tourneys. For me it just doesn't sound like Chaos – I like the idea of the Champions charging out there challenging everyone in sight to prove their marshal ability, but can see it compromising tournament armies badly.