01 October 2012

Nurgle progess…

Work continued on the Nurgle marines right up to the night before my holiday.

The armour had a continuous cycle of highlight, shadow wash applied until things were where they needed to be.

The metallic elements had Boltgun Metal randomly applied to the Scorched Brown basecoat. I then added random Bestial Brown but in quite a sparse fashion. Finally another coat of Scorched Brown was randomly applied followed by a Devlan Mud wash. It looks rather like bronze in the photo, but it's quite a flat colour in reality.

The Nurgle marines had a similar treatment applied. The next step was to paint certain areas as fleshy. The basecoat was Dark Flesh – a couple of thinner coats to get good solid coverage over the Black. I then applied a couple of highlights, adding more white to the base colour each time.

In the mean time, there is something much bigger and nastier waiting in the wings…

Nurgle Hellbrute!!!

The progress continues here…


  1. That's one good looking marine.

    Er I mean foul and vile.

    How do I compliment you sir when you paint something so gross, so well?

  2. Very nice painting up, and agreed that it looks bronze in the photo. Glad that you wrote how it came about else I would say it was just that.

    Looking forward to how you do up the hellbrute!

  3. Very nice! I really like your color pallette. I am re-painting my old Plague Marines that I converted a long time ago and would love to compare color choices. Mine should be posted by the end of this week. I can't wait to see what you do with the Hell Brute.

  4. Goodness me are you still on holiday!? Great paintjob and I love the added fleshy areas that really contrast beautifully; top work Sir.

  5. So... you have discovered BNB (Bronze Non Bronze) :-)
    Wonderful, I love the result... A very original colour.

  6. More and more I see really nice muted tones for Nurgle and think wow, that "sloppy mess" looks like fun to paint. Great job. The grimy paint job really belies the skill behind it.

  7. I'm starting a Nurgle army and would love to see a tutorial on how you did the armor.

  8. What did you do with the Knarloc Green? Did you dry brush it, turn it into a wash, mix the wash with the paint? I'm starting a Death Guard army and would love use this color scheme.