Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Coming Soon… Top Secret

The last 7 days have been rather busy here (I seem to be saying that a lot recently) with my dad, sister and young nephew staying with us. No painting progress made during that time, but lots of thinking done. The summer also seems to have decided to make an appearance ('till the weekend at least) so less and less incentive to stay indoors and paint.

However, there is a secret project fast approaching that will mean I have to stay indoors during August to ensure it is complete by 1st September. The topic will interest some of you more than others BUT it's for charity so I want everyone to follow the progress and contribute in any way you can.

I'm hoping to get an official announcement out by the end of the week so keep your eyes open for that.


  1. And there was me thinking this would be about gaming a 1980's WWII/spy spoof movie with Val Kilmer and Omar Sharif

    Hmmm, mind you, you haven't revealed what it is, so it could still be that ;)

    1. ooh – I'm liking your idea better!

      It's one of those things that started as a simple idea and grew legs.

  2. Oh I so want to know where this has ended up - the ideas were great when we chatted through the possibilities - but if I know you - you will have taken it to the next level. Can't wait to see what has transpired!!!!!! I am thinking you will have gone BIG - but lets see.



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