31 January 2012

Kirai: painting and avatar building

I set a decent amount of time aside at the weekend to paint – something I haven't done in a while. Like most of us I guess, I wanted to concentrate on my new master and get Kirai looking all pretty.

I'd decided some time ago to go with the colour scheme that is in the book – even bought some new paint before Christmas. I had sprayed all my spirits with white instead of the normal black (to get a more vibrant, light colour) but my first attempts to lay down some colour was very patchy. Maybe should have stuck to what I know.

I used various browns to start with, highlighting with Ochre/White until reaching a pure white. The colour wasn't very vibrant so I washed it several times with Golden Yellow and  Gryphonne Sepia to add some depth.
Need to look at the highlights again and bring them back up to white.

Similarly with the green scarf (for want of a better word). I started with a Dark Green base colour, adding more and more Emerald, then adding White. At present it needs a wash to unify the layers and give it some depth.

While all the washes were drying I paid a little attention to Kirai's Avatar which has sat idle in my Mali-bag for a few months now. I had a 50mm Bamboo base completed and cast up in resin over Christmas and had superglued her in the new year. I set about drilling some holes from the underside into the metal to secure the model further.

It still needs a little more greenstuff to blend to model more with the base and then it'll be ready for painting.

We have a painting evening planned for later so with some luck there will be more photos in the next couple of days.


  1. Both the yellow and the green look really good, and work well together. Painting yellow on a black undercoat is a royal pain in the backside, white is definitely the way forward I think. Maybe a grey undercoat might work too?

  2. I'm with Andy here. The yellow and green look great together so far. Like you mentioned though, a wash here and there to tidy things up and unify the colors and you'll be set.

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. I spent some time Tuesday evening painting.

    I've now brought the yellow highlights up to white again and given the green a wash. I will wash the green again with a slightly heavier wash as the first one didn't have much impact – too watered down.

    I have also moved onto the Ikiryo spirit which has the same colour scheme.