Monday, 24 November 2014

TW Plastic Castle – Fortified Wall

For those of you who missed my fun and games with the TW Tower you need to watch the Tabletop Workshop castle videos before you get started and it will save a lot of the issues I had. I didn't watch them in my haste to get stuck in and promptly had all kinds of mishaps. Not a problem though as I will use my first Tower model separately from the castle as an independent watchtower of some kind.

Unlike the Tower kit, the Fortified Wall is unlikely to ever be used on its own.

Opening the box there are four sprues of two different designs – there are also instructions!

Starting with the ground floor, you stick the arches onto the base, followed by the one-piece inner wall.

The outer wall is made up of four pieces of 'flared' wall and checking the illustration on the instructions will ensure you put the right piece in the right place. That was easy.

The first floor is even easier as it's exactly the same procedure except both walls are single piece – the outside wall has windows in it.

The top of the wall is a simple case of sticking crenulations onto a floor piece then adding some pegs underneath. That is it!

The only thing to note is that you will have to shave/file off any excess where the parts were attached to the sprues. If you don't the pieces may not join up snugly.

Once stacked, the joins are virtually invisible.

Your models have plenty of room to fight across the battlements.

The bonus is that the walls are as detailed inside as they are out. If you don't glue your floors together you can lift them off and take the battle indoors (although the model bases I've used won't fit through the doorways).

Another fantastic piece of kit from TW. Only one more element of the castle to go – The Gate – and then I hope to have some images of the kits together.

To be continued…


  1. Very cool.. and kinda wishing I backed it.. even though it is for retail now.. it means now money.. not money from 1-2 yrs ago and past Mr Lee problems ;) Keeping an eye out on this from you and curious on your thoughts of the whole bundle, and how well they paint up!

    1. I will admit I'm really looking forward to painting it… if I can find the time.

  2. Wicked cool! Love how you can have the guys in the interior fighting!

    1. It is very cool and will allow an extra dimension for gaming

  3. Somebody's having far too much fun with this. :D

  4. That is the best wargames wall kit I've ever seen.

    1. I'd have to agree. Looking forward to taking a closer look at the gate!



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