Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Plastic Castles, Chapels and Cottages…

I became aware of Tabletop Workshop's development of a 28mm plastic castle some time ago and have been following progress ever since. I'm very excited about this for a couple of reasons. It will be perfect for my Saxon/Norman project and become a great centrepiece, plus I used to have something similar (if rather crude) as a child so there's a nostalgia value to owning something like this again. In addition, the fact that you can set up the kit so that you can place models inside the towers is awesome.

When I got the memo that TW were taking pre-orders for their castle, I realised (duh!) that they did a host of other, period-appropriate plastic terrain. Coming off the back of my recent GW terrain purchases this struck something of a chord – the difference here is that the interiors of the TW products are as detailed as the exteriors… superb for roleplaying type scenarios.

You may remember back at Easter time I picked up a 4Ground cottage (above) which I love, especially now I've added bits of balsa to the exterior. However, there's something easy and quick about plastic kits, so the idea of having a set of these is really appealing.

After a little investigation I discovered that TW do a Cottage, Stable and Barn for £16 or so each (and free postage). They do all three as a Rural Farmstead set for £40 – a saving of almost £10!

Then I discovered their Monastic Scenery set – OMG – that's the Rural Farmstead set plus a Medieval Chapel for £50… a saving of £18!

At this point I was very interested – right scale, right time period, easy to build and a bargain. I dug deeper within the website for details and found some images of the raw plastics…

How lovely is this!!
The chapel looks superb and I can already imagine my characters interacting within this piece. I think this is a must-have for the project. Tick!!

Similarly the cottage is very detailed and, whilst I prefer the teddy-bear fur roof of my 4Ground cottage, this model does really appeal. I would have to add my liquid greenstuff texture to the walls as they look rather shiny at the moment. However, from a time perspective I could get a village full of these up and running very quickly. I will be interested to see the scale difference between this and the 4Ground and whether they sit well together. Very exciting. Tick!!

With a birthday coming up next week, I may just have found something to top the wish list!


  1. looking forward to the review and seeing the results. Always on the lookout for stuff that can be repurposed to Mordheim.

    1. Ooh yes, Mordheim. These could work really well!

  2. Oh thanks for pointing those out... those cottages are great

    1. You're welcome Paul – I'm very excited about these (can you tell!)

  3. I was oblivious to these. Thank you for the top tip.

  4. Nice looking stuff. The detailed interiors are a big plus.

  5. I had no idea, thanks for pointing these out.



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