05 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday: 5th June

Well, it's been a yellow couple of weeks to be sure. I have to say, I've got something of a painting bug at the moment, which doesn't happen often these days. I'm finding time to do some painting every day… even if it's only 10 minutes.

The first ten Tactical marines in my fledgling Imperial Fists army all have paint on them, albeit their at different stages of the yellow process.

Lurking impatiently behind them is a unit of Terminators, who just need a bit of attention on their bases before going through to the undercoat room (the man-garage!).

Behind those in the queue is a five-man Devastator squad, who just need a couple more resin shoulder pads then they can see some spray time too.

Of course all these marines need someone to lead them. Being a person who likes option I have four HQ choices ready to go. Imperial Fist Captain Lysander is still in his blister pack, as is the limited edition marine Captain (a plastic re-make of the 1990 Games Day figure). I also have two plastic Librarians part-built. The Psychic phase of 7th Edition 40k seems to be a big deal, so the more psychics the better it seems. One is the new plastic Librarian (pricey!) and the other is the Limited Edition Dark Angel's Librarian (who will be suitable converted).

On the vehicle front I have a Rhino and my Stormraven part-built and my Land Raider Crusader waiting in the wings.

Exciting times ahead… just wish I had a six week break from work this summer like some of you lucky folk ;)


  1. Awesome start to the force. Enjoy the ride where the painting bug takes you i'm sure the results will be great.

  2. Lots to keep you busy there and it's eight weeks, but whose counting? ;)

    1. Lots to paint, but lots of enthusiasm… which makes a change!