Friday, 26 July 2013

Xmas update…(??)

First off, apologies for the blog post that never was yesterday. Post some stuff a little prematurely and decided to hold fire until it couldn't get me into trouble. More to come on that.

The main news is that there is no news. Hobby time has become something of a near-forgotten myth in our household at the moment. However, I did take the painting tray down yesterday and dust off my Romans. The enthusiasm to paint is slowly returning now that the weather is cooling off a little.

I have made a sneaky tech purchase – a Wacom tablet. I have qualifications in fine art but haven't practised in a long time. Hopefully this new toy will encourage me to spend more time drawing and painting. I have been dabbling for a few weeks now and the image above was one of my first goes with the tablet. Whilst just a scribble, it has given me an idea for a series of Christmas cards and some hobby-related illustrations.

Hopefully more to blog about after the weekend!


  1. Mentioning Christmas already........I'm stunned and horrified:P

  2. Sounds good have a snowball to the mush for even thinking about the C word this time of year :P

  3. well, in a few weeks we'll see the supermarkets start selling Halloween, bonfire night and Xmas stuff, so why not Xmas card scenes on a blog? ;)

  4. I wonder if it's a subconscious backlash to the nice weather we're having – my brain can't cope ;)

  5. Somebody is planning his Christmas list early!

  6. I wonder how may of us ex fine arts graduates migrate to gaming as a creative outlet???



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