22 May 2010

Rebuilding Tycho: part 3

It's been a while since this guy got a look in, I've been kind of busy with a transatlantic game of 40k – you may have heard! More on Hailed vs Hated next week – today is about Tycho.

Since part 2, I have clipped off the purity seals that were on his forearms and added greenstuff to shape them more like his metal incarnation. I will add blood drops here at a later point. I filled in the shoulder area of his combi-melta arm and am building up the greenstuff here slowly.

The one thing that truly defines Tycho is his mask, and I was eager to have a crack at this as it would feel like I would be making real progress. Needless to say it was not a smooth ride, this one was my third attempt. I'm not sure whether my greenstuff skills, or indeed my eyesight, are up to something so small and detailed. It looks more like Chris O' Donnell's mask in Batman & Robin than metal Tycho I think, and the eye is not in the right place, but it does the job for now until I can't live with it.

It's getting close to completion now, just a few more bits to add and I can get on with painting him (very exciting!).

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