Sunday, 22 June 2014

Imperial Fists – Yellow Tests 2 & 3

After several days ill last week, and the jobs still mounting in the new pad, it's been a struggle getting any hobby time in – thank god for scheduled posts!

These next two tests for the yellow Imperial Fists armour were a variation on the first. Instead of spraying the Daemonic Yellow directly onto the bare plastic, I decided to undercoat the models first – one in white and the other in black.

I went about adding the yellow spray whilst doing chores today, stopping the work periodically to add some more colour before going back to the job in hand.

At first glance everything looks pretty rosy in the image above, but not so.

As you can see, spraying over a black undercoat makes everything a dirty greeny colour. The coverage wasn't great and there was a lot of texture.

The coverage on the white undercoat was much better, maybe slightly better than Test 1 last week. I thought that I might have found my solution until closer inspection revealed, just like the black test, there was a shocking amount of texture on the model. Once a colour wash hits these yellow surfaces this texture will show up like a neon light. Such a shame.

It's looking like the yellow spray is not the way to go – the search continues…


  1. Have you tried pre-shading some (throw some wash on the white primer) prior to spraying to add some color depth?

    1. It's not the colour (on the white undercoat) that I have an issue with – it's a pretty good starting point. The problem is the texture from the spray.

  2. Hit them with a glaze! Cassandra Yellow really enriches it IMO I used it for my Iyanden. It does give quite a 'candy' effect though...

    1. The main concern at this stage is to be able to achieve a nice, flat solid colour as a starting point for glazes and shading. Once that is achieved I can move on to tweaking the actual yellow colour.

  3. Texture? As in the paint dusting?



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