19 June 2012

40k: Win A Custom BA Sanguinary High Priest!…

…and The Melta Guy!

Many of you folks have seen these guys being created, and now you can own them. Similar to last week, this will be a random prize draw (random.org) from the list of people who enter.

 The Prize

First of all we have the Sanguinary High Priest. He was constructed a couple of years ago as part of my Blood Angel project, with some greenstuff work seen above. He is weighted down with a penny in the base, as with all my models, and all in all makes a pretty unique and nifty model for your army or model collection. His armour and chest eagle have been painted and highlighted to a good standard and work has begun on the white areas.

As well as the Priest, the winner also receives The Melta Guy. This history behind this fella has been well documented on this blog and who wouldn't want a hero of such calibre backing them up?!

He is similarly weighted in the base and has his armour painted and highlighted to a good standard. I will clean up the overspill before sending him out.

In addition to that I am prepared to finish painting the Sanguinary High Priest to the same standard as he was started – if the winner wants me to, there's no point if he's going to be stripped or repainted to match a different army scheme.

So there you have the prize… what do you need to do?

• First of all make sure you're a follower of this blog.
• Second, add a comment below letting me know you want to be included in the draw.


As before I will rely on the power of random.org to take the decision-making process out of my hands.

By the way, congratulations to The Angry Lurker who was the winner of last week's prize draw!


  1. Count me in :) retweeting as @domonet in 3... 2...1...

  2. Count me in too - retweeted @brevikesq

    The last one "random'd" to the Angry Lurker? I smell shennanigans... :-P I am of course kidding, congratulations sir!

    1. That's the beauty of random.org – I can blame the numbers.

      The alternative was to roll a dice or flip a card (depending upon your wargame of choice) but my track record isn't good there, so anyone who wasn't 1 or 2 would have no chance!

    2. I have similar issues with dice rolling. :-) There's something about me and probability, I reckon I could break random.org...

  3. Done and done! Like Dominic I'll be retweeting(as @hungryclone)/posting it on my blog http://stabhard.blogspot.com I love the back story on Melta guy. I love those moments.

  4. After the epic-ness that is melta-guy's story, how can I *not* be in on this?!

  5. Still would like to be in it.. lovely work here..

  6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner...sorry but I'm on nights!!!!

  7. That's a very nice model - i want!

  8. Excellent contest and prizes!! Sign me up! ;)


  9. I am so in. :D The model looks beautiful

  10. @ChairmanAsheth approves and retweets. Count me... ...in.

  11. Great idea to promote the blog! I'm in (and following thanks to Joesavestheday)

  12. Nice work! Throw me into the mix!

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