17 October 2010

It started with a star ...and skull

Just a quick update.

I've been sculpting a first attempt at the new Dark Templar symbol on my benchmark marine. Took a couple of evenings to let the star icon cure properly, then file it and sculpt the skull.

I'm pretty pleased so far, although the proportions are out – I didn't lose my temper which must be progress!

I'm going to sculpt more details on this figure, then paint him up as the benchmark Dark Templar.


  1. As ever, I am in awe of your greens stuff skills.

  2. To be honest B, the skull was looking bloody awful just 2 minutes before this pic was shot.

    I had moved the GS around so much with my metal tools it was distorted and not very skull-like. I let it cure a bit, took the rubber sculpting tools to it and everything came good very quickly.

    One lesson I never seem to learn is using too much GS. However, the skull in the pic uses a tiny amount, so isn't 2" thick when finished.