Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Poorly Peeps: Update

Well it's been a desolate place on the blog in recent weeks. Our family has gone through the mill a little and we're at a place now where (hopefully) things will start to take on a more routine perspective.

I finished work at the end of February (was made redundant) but this coincided with my wife going into hospital for a rather major op. She was stuck in London for a week recuperating whilst I kept things afloat at home and made sure our boy was fed, changed, washed and got to nursery and bed on time. In addition I went up to London to visit my wife every day on the train – 6 hour round trip door to door – to keep her spirits up being away from the family for so long.

She came home almost two weeks ago, is recovering well, but has needed constant looking after. Of course once she was back safe with the family I came down with a cold followed swiftly by tonsillitis. During this time I've also had job interviews and had to complete projects as part of the application process, to no avail. Some days it just felt like the black clouds were following me.

However, my wife is much improved this week, my antibiotics are having an instant effect (though giving up dairy has helped too) and there is the vaguest possibility of a solid job offer on the horizon. It's been a awful year so far, but we seem to have (maybe) turned a bit of a corner. That first ray of sunshine is just starting to creep into view.

Even though they don't read this blog I'd like to thank the extended family and our friends for the help and support we've received, especially over the last few weeks.

With new starts in mind I got our local gamers together on Facebook and have arranged a Zombicide day for the beginning of April. Getting back to the hobby will be most welcome and I can't wait. We may even see the blog posts pick up again!