Wednesday, 11 July 2012

News Update…

The last month has been quite a rollercoaster ride here at "Maison DT".

There has been a great response to the 40 days of 40k initiative and I got to give away some of my more notable Blood Angel miniatures.

By the way – Gareth at GDNMW please check your email, you're a winner!

Image from Constantly Risking Obscurity
Mike Howell who won the Sanguinary Priest and The Melta Guy has just given an update which included the image above. I think you'll agree that the prize went to a worthy winner!

We've also had a bereavement that has caused a lot of upset and meant that painting and hobby time has not been very high on the list of priorities this last week – hence a lot of update and summary posts recently. The hope is that things should be back on track in a fortnight or so – sit tight, there are some exciting things in the pipeline.

The response to yesterday's post about Bull's Orks was great, so thank you all for the support. There's no greater incentive than positive feedback when you're a fledgling blog and Bull is now buzzing to add more content.

On top of all that, this blog reached 50,000 hits yesterday which is fantastic – thank you to everyone who has visited, is a follower and/or who has posted a link.


  1. Many congratulations on the 50k milestone; not altogether surprising given the quality of work on display though. Looking forward to plenty more in the future.

  2. Well done sir on the 50k. Onward and upward I say.



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