Saturday, 3 June 2017

There And Back Again…

The blog has been quiet for the last three weeks due to me being away in the States with the family. A unique occasion to be sure as we travelled first to Illinois for a family wedding. It was a far more casual affair than we had anticipated and I stood out somewhat in a three-piece suit.

Next came two fantastic days in Chicago. Staying in a lovely hotel overlooking the river, I have to say it was the best time I've had on holiday since visiting Yosemite five years ago. We got to meet my 'glorious' friend Brian from Anvil Eight Games, who graciously took me and my family out to try some famous Chicago style pizza pie. What an experience and I can say hand on heart that I will never look at pizza in this country the same way.

Myself and Brian got to hang out for a while after dinner, drinking local beers and chatting about all things gaming. It was a very inspiring evening and makes me very excited for all things hobby related – not least the future of Anvil Eight Games. You will be hearing more about them soon as they raise their profile with more astonishing projects.

After our awesome time in the city we jumped on a plane down to Texas to hang out with the extended family once again. Whilst we didn't see much of this famous state, we did get to visit the Alamo… which was not what I had imagined.

Located in the middle of downtown San Antonio, and surrounded by a high wall, you could walk past the place and not know it was there were it not for all the signage. Crowded in on all sides by tall buildings, it was a far cry from the fort in the desert that I had imagined it to be. The site itself was interesting enough – a small exhibition and an enormous gift shop were sat alongside the famous church seen in most promotional material. The atmosphere on site was heavy with history.

Now we're home, the attention has swung back to hobby things. The new Zombicide Kickstarter launched on Tuesday and funded in 6 minutes. Whilst the stretch goals so far have not been terribly inspiring I'm hoping things will improve.

I have also just pre-ordered the new Warhammer 40k box set which is due out on the 17th June (day before Father's Day… cough). And just because all this hobby spending wasn't enough, I've also bought Massive Darkness Kickstarter on Ebay which is due to be shipped in the next couple of months.

I think I need a sit down – phew!


  1. Great to hear that you all had a fabulous time and that hobby thoughts are top of the agenda, although mine seem to have shifted to food having seen that pizza pie - wow! You went for Massive Darkness! I backed this as a Kickstarter and have been trying not to think about it, not least because I need to get it past the Saintly Mrs. Awdry! Do you get all the stretch goals?



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