Monday, 28 September 2015

Finding Proxies – Part 1

With the first complete draft of the Project Hood skirmish rules finished this week focus obviously shifts to play testing them. I'm sure games designers elsewhere would resort to paper templates and cardboard figures just to get the testing underway. However, I'm looking at things in my own unique way so have been looking for actual proxy figures, in lieu of me getting something closer sculpted and cast.

The main issue I'm having is one of scale. I have ended up at the 28mm point, as it seems to have the best selection of models, but the actual sizes of models varies dramatically. This has made the task more tricky (and expensive as models arrive in the post only to be giants compared to the others!). Here's the story so far.

I did start this process some time ago and settled upon GW's Aragorn figure from the LOTR Three Hunters set (above). I'm becoming less and less attached to this figure as I don't think he's agile enough for the Hood in this instance. We will probably revisit him at some point in the future.

For the Sherwood Rangers (a lower level character choice in-game) I went back to GW's LOTR series, this time choosing the Rangers of Gondor. They're pretty close, have a variety of poses and they're plastic, which is great.

I do need to find some Sherwood Outlaw models, but am currently still searching for something appropriate. I have looked at individual models and plastic kits but am yet to find something that feels close enough.

When it comes to individual champions, things get a little more interesting. The opening faction lists comes with four individuals for inclusion within a game so these are the ones I'm looking for at the moment.

I did have a model purchased to represent Marian. I do love this figure and bought it at Salute a couple of years back. It's Lenore from Hasslefree and I have spent many an hour getting her painted up. However, much like Aragorn above, just as it became table-ready I decided that the model doesn't convey the characteristics that Marian has in-game.

Instead I have now gone for Alicia, another Hasslefree product. She looks more likely to get stuck in and get her hands dirty than the previous model. I may add a bow and quiver to get her more into character, but it's a pretty good starting point.

The next character I've been looking at is John Lyttle. Again I found myself at Hasslefree's website and initially purchased Wolf. It would have involved a fair amount of greenstuff additions but I thought he had some key features of the character. Alas the prospect of all the extra work required soon relegated this model from the workbench and into the metal mountain. I needed something else.

Again, Hasslefree came to the rescue, this time with Woldur. This model has a much better stance and hair that is exactly what I was looking for. Changing a double-handed axe into a quarterstaff is not such a chore, so I don't expect this model to take long to muscle it's way onto the painting tray.

When it comes to 28mm clergy I've discovered we are truly blessed. It has not been difficult to find a model to represent Tuck… in fact that's the difficulty – too much choice!

This year at Salute I picked up the Otherworld Male Cleric, which aside from the backpack fits in well. I have since noticed an abundance of chain mail which throws a spanner in the works, but it's such a characterful model it's not been discounted yet.

At a previous Salute I bought not one but two monks from Heresy. The first is Brother Bude, an exocist. I love this model, except for the outstretched cross which is not really appropriate for this application. I could do a quick weapon swap and replace it, but we'll see.

Then we have Brother Lucius. This guy has an actual war hammer, which may need replacing, and feels a little more frail than the other choices. Stay tuned to see which way this decision goes!

Finally (for now) we have the hot-headed man in red. Despite having lots of Bezerker type model options to fill the role of Will I'm struggling to find one that fits the image I have.

To be continued…


  1. Those look like great choices. As a follower of your blog I wish I could help but you have gone with alot of very characterful models there. Good work!

  2. Loving it matey. I spent ages looking for models that I thought you would like but failed. I keep on the prowl though.

    1. I have spent too many hours trawling for "28mm miniatures"

  3. So much lovely things to choose!

    1. It's amazing some of the gems you find when you have a good old search!

  4. We need to find a Maid Marion with some attitude. Fire in the eyes and all that good stuff.



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