Friday, 21 August 2015

Dark Templar: The Next Generation

Not got the hang of rolling 6s yet

This one is for Anne…

Eight months ago to this very day, our son Finn (named after the Irish legend Finn MacCool) was born under difficult circumstances. He spent his first three days being cooled in an assisted sleep and the next seven in UICU recovering. We didn't get to hold him for nearly a week. It was certainly the most rotten Christmas I can remember. Yet he made it through his ordeal, with no obvious signs of complications. Unfortunately for me, the day after he came home I had to go back to work.

Two hours old
Since then he has come on leap and bounds, developing at a staggering rate. He's very clever, sharp as a razor, always analysing and striving for the next achievement. Already capable of doing a mean combat crawl, clocking up quite an impressive speed, he is desperate to walk. He's already taken an interest in my rather large wooden gaming dice – chasing it around the living room giggling to himself. Gaming is in the genes it would seem.

Hijacking mummy's birthday present

He has his quarterly check ups with the hospital, but so far he's passing his examinations with flying colours and being quite a handful for his poor mum.

So, Happy nearly-birthday Finny. It's been quite a roller coaster ride so far; this parenting lark is not for the faint-hearted, as those of you with experience will know. Christmas this year will undoubtedly be a complete contrast to 2014 and things are looking bright again for our little family. Every day continues to be a blessing and he is a joy to be around (even when he won't go to sleep or eat his food). I'm a very lucky dad.

Back to the hobby stuff next week…


  1. Awesome to hear such a good news story about the cute little guy :)

  2. A feel good Friday story, wonderful news all round Mike.

  3. Aww what a sweetheart. Great news. It sucks when all your paternity is swallowed by hospital stays. While I'm blessed that both times the complications weren't particularly life threatening others on the ward weren't as lucky with months of worry, best wishes and your going to love that first Christmas at around a year's he'll be amazing to watch open his prezzies.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these. He's absolutely beautiful. He's such lovely, big eyes and a gorgeous smile.

    It must have been so difficult for you both, not being able to hold him and worrying for his health. But doesn't it feel great everyday when you come home to him and see each new thing he's learned. These are the best years of your lives-enjoy them!!!!

  5. Park all the sad stuff, it was bad but ... 'was' is the word here. Now he is amazing. So bright and handsome and lively and just astounding really. Good on ya Finn. By the way he will be an Ork fanatic. That is my objective in life. Fill him full of positive thoughts and send him forth to conquer - it has got to be the right way. :-)

  6. Gorgeous lad. Glad he's doing well: won't be long till he's beating you at games.