Friday, 30 August 2013

Gaming Board: part 1

All a-board!!

Inspired by Mr Awdry's gaming board (above), which was in turn inspired by Clint's gaming board, I've decided to create a flexible gaming board to support my games of The Dark Crucible (amongst other things).

In the past I created a Malifaux gaming board, which has been superb and used to death. This time I want something that is much more immersive, realistic and can be swapped out (like Michael's board) for different types of landscape – green fields, snow, desert, lava.

The thing with projects like these – I find – is that you need to map the basics out before you start in order to avoid disaster. In this instance, the basics are the size of the overall board and the individual measurements that will get me there.

I did a drawing…

I sourced 50mm thick blue styrofoam from Antenocitis Worshop, 600mm square for £6.
I bought two… as you do.

One of these would form the basis for my board and, using Michael's frame design, could easily be swapped out. My diagram above shows a proposed frame with corner supports that the foam can sit on. At present the foam is sitting slightly proud of the frame, but given that I intend to carve into it heavily I don't expect it to finish so high. Then again I may add mountains so who knows.

So that's the plan. I just have to gather together wood for the frame and things can get started.
The intention is for these to be the game boards that feature within the final rulebook for The Dark Crucible, so all the stops need to be pulled out!

No pressure then.

Read part 2 here…


  1. Thank you for the Link back I appreciate it. I am one of those chaotic characters, sometimes I plan a board, other times I just start and see where it takes me. Neither way is right nor wrong it's personal choice. The hardest part I find is maintaining momentum and not getting sidetracked. I wish you the very best of luck and I very much look forward to seeing the result. Cheers Clint

    1. Alas Clint I have far too many projects that remain unfinished, I'm determined that this will not be one of those. I have a streak of perfectionism build in (somewhere) so I need have precise plans before I start - the surface of the board will be more adhoc, so who knows what the final result will look like!

  2. This looks like an ambitious project, all the best with this!

  3. will be watching with interest
    Peace James

  4. Outstanding start and thank you for the nod, can't wait to see what you come up with. Now if you paint the other piece black with some stars on it you could have a fabulous cauldron for intense x-wing skirmishes; well that is what I'm thinking about anyway!

    1. Alas the second board wil not be a starry night sky, although I will be purchasing some black cloth to use with X-Wing instead!

  5. Looking forward to seeing this project progress!

  6. Looking forward to this! I have just recently gotten into Malifaux and although your post does not necessary pertain directly to Malifaux, it does pertain to my freshly ignited desire to build a table for it (since the 3' by 3' makes it a more feasible project for me.

    I commented on a previous post of yours (one of your building the city ones) about your "potato printing" of the cobble stone streets. Is there any way you could enlighten me a little more on the technique you used for them?

    1. I'll add something in the next blog post Jules



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