Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Some of you may have noticed that blog posts have been scarce the last few weeks, blog posts of my model progress even rarer. The bottom line is we're going through a rough time at the moment here – not financially despite the global downturn, more emotionally. We've had some health issues and sad times, to be honest the motivation to paint has been remarkably absent even if my love of the hobby has not diminished. So I've had a bit of a timeout recently. Can't say when I'll be back to full flow on the blog front but should have some worthwhile posts shortly.

not my models…!

I have done some model building this last weekend, the Warmachine Khador starter box (don't ask how this ended up in my hands, lol, you already know the answer!). It is only 3 models and I managed to get them all stuck and pinned in an afternoon. Just have to spend a significant amount of time filing off the mould lines (crappy Privateer plastics) and then I can spray them. I hope to use the airbrush to get them rattled off quite quickly before they find their way on Ebay.

Talking of Ebay, I shall be adding a host of stuff this week for the UK viewers. I've decided that rather go down the gamble that is worldwide auctions starting at 99p, I shall put my stuff on with a Buy It Now price and free postage. This should mean I can clear the decks quicker – the spare room is creaking at the moment.

Other hobby stuff is bubbling away. My secret project is still going strong and hope to have an announcement about that in the next month or two. I'm also preparing to create some hobby boards, which is very exciting – a bit like the Malifaux boards I did a couple of years ago but smaller and much shinier.

That is one stupid-big model!

Looking around the net it seems a great time to be a part of our hobby. Lots of exciting Kickstarters, some fantastic models about, and GW getting slapped down a peg or two in court… good times.

I was interested to see the new Eldar codex release and then concluded that 40k is becoming something of a joke now – having to spend £70 on an Eldar titan-esque model just to compete, no fun. The codex escalation also means that my Chaos are becoming less and less competitive (even if I purchase more Heldrakes at £40 each). With the Space Marine codex due in September I'm expecting things to go super-silly, given that the SM are the most popular line of models.

I can't wait (!)


  1. Whenever you are ready. we'll be here.

  2. Sorry to hear of your problems, you'll soon be back on full throttle no doubt!

  3. Do what you have to do Brother.

  4. Sorry to hear that Mike, we'll still be here brother!

  5. I can empathize. I went threw the same for the majority of this year, and swimming upstream against being thrown back into it again now. It sucks, no doubt about it. The Khador Battlebox is a good idea- I found that just assembling & converting was easier to find the energy for than painting when so low- it might work as a way to 'prime the pump' of creativity & happiness until you get back to standard.

  6. Ditto everyone else's comments mate, this year seems to have been hard work for a lot of people.

    Fingers crossed it all turns itself around soon.

  7. Hope things turn around for ya soon, mate. Cheers!

  8. Stay strong and we will waiting for your return to blogging.

  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments.