Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Crashing Back To Reality

Like a good homing pigeon I have returned.
Today was the first day back at work after a fantastic week away and I'm struggling to remember the date or day!

We had a great time in the Lake District in an amazing little cottage. Weather was as expected in the Lakes in November, but if you embrace the rain you don't notice it. We also had some fantastic sunny mornings and lots of walks. We treated ourselves to a meal at the local Michelin star restaurant l'Enclume which was an amazing experience. However, you have to return to normal life sometime and so, finally, we have.

This month should see the Malcontent project finally coming to light which is exciting but still needs a lot of work.

I have also made the decision that I haven't been doing enough painting recently and so my gaming is feeling stagnated. I have TWO Avatar models to paint and a massive backlog of others to build, convert and paint so lots of hobby time coming up if I can maintain my enthusiasm, which is slipping.

I will also be clearing out the attic of gaming 'toys' as soon as I can. That means pretty much all of my 40k gear – I just don't see myself returning to it soon except to convert and build some more Dark Templars so why hang onto it! It does mean you folks will be able to pick up some bargains over the next couple of months on Ebay.

Hopefully we should see a game or two against McMourning soon as well as the return of Rasputina with some new additions and lots of new painted models!

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